Kevin Chau

I made an Electric Piano using Ableton's Operator

March 18, 2020

Electric Piano

Hello! I’ve been diving into sound design and specifically FM synthesis lately with Operator and the Elektron Digitone. Today I made a fairly convincing electric piano in Ableton Live and I wanted to share it / post it to this blog for archiving.

I followed this tutorial from Doctor Mix, which shows you how to make a classic EP sound using a Yamaha DX Reface. I’m surprised I was able to take the instructions and apply them to Operator, but I guess that shows I’m making good progress in learning general sound design concepts.

The sound is a little weak on the low end (any suggestions?), but I made a nice instrument rack with lots of controls so you can get get a wide variety of EP sounds fairly quickly. I even color coded the macros — Enjoy!

Click to Download

Written by Kevin Chau, an artist who lives in San Francisco. Follow him on Twitter